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Social Media Marketing & Management

Whether you are looking to reach customers in Saudi Arabia, the wider Middle East region or anywhere in the world, social media is a vital component of today’s marketing mix and becoming more important day by day.Many organizations play lip service to social media marketing, but it needs a professional, committed approach to really make it work.
At eDesign we know how to make the most of all leading social media marketing channels and understand the opportunities – and potential drawbacks – inherent in each. We have set up and maintained social media accounts for a wide range of clients. Channels include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and leading blog platforms. We know the Saudi Arabian marketextremelywell, and are able to reach social media users to excellent effect.
Whether it’s making daily posts or tweets, launching products or services, creating cutting edge content or online videos, or responding to or creating dialogues with customers or potential influencers, we will get the maximum out of your social media marketing budget. We can seamlessly integrate social media with wider online marketing campaigns, whether brand-based, promotional or seasonal, maximizing their effectiveness.

We will also analyze and provide clear, actionable reports on all aspects of your campaigns and can develop clear social media policies and procedures for those using social media within your organisation. And in the event of negative publicity or a crisis, we can use social media as part of your fast response.

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